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The Baum-Welch algorithm
A step-by-step guild to estimating the parameters of a hidden Markov model using the Baum-Welch algorithm.

Parameters of the gamma distribution
Aim: To understand how parameters of the gamma distribution relate to the mean and variance of a gamma distributed random variable.

How log-log analyses can make interactions appear from nowhere ...
... or mask them so that they are missed!

What is better: Subtraction analyses (RFX) vs modelling participant intercepts (MFX)?
Working on a paired-samples design? How best to model your data?

OLS in Matrix Form
A guide. Also see this.

Running Bayesian Regression Models using Stan (BRMS) from R
The data can be downloaded here. And a classical version of the analysis is implemented here.

Motivating logistic analyses
Aim: To understand why logistic analyses of binomial distributed data may be preferred to linear approximations.